LDAR - Leak Detection And Repair
LDAR - Leak Detection And Repair

Emission management software SFEMP
Emission management software SFEMP

Pipeline leak detection with sniffing dogs

Emission reduction activities

Reducing emissions occurs in any phase of the oil & gas and chemical industry. The Sniffers combines global field emission measurement experience and knowledge with expert advice.

A broad service portfolio with LDAR, OGI or Optical Gas Imaging, storage tank emission management, vent- and flare loss monitoring, infrared thermographic surveys, steam loss quantification, compressed air and vacuum leak detection, etc. delivers significant savings in emissions, energy, and costs.

With credible VOC or methane reduction programs, effective audits, relevant detailed benchmarking, regulatory support, and training & knowledge transfer, The Sniffers drives progress in your environmental and sustainability ambitions.

Our comprehensive emission reporting and management SaaS platform SFEMP®, provides a credible, transparent, and multi-site dashboard of your emissions and leaks to the atmosphere.

Pipeline integrity services

Pipeline operators require accurate pipeline data, high-quality inspections and surveys, and relevant analyses. The Sniffers combines field activities with expert analysis and a Pipeline Risk & Integrity Management Software Solution called PRIMS®. Experience and knowledge from the field such as pipeline inspections, leak detection, leak detection with dogs, right of way and depth of cover inspections, corrosion surveys, third party supervision, are combined with expert services such as pipeline condition analysis, risk assessment, corrosion growth analysis, and third party activity management. Customers have access to a SaaS application called PRIMS® that brings all data, information, and analysis reports together and supports customers to operate a pipeline in a safe, compliant, and efficient way.

Markets we serve

Oil industry

Natural gas industry

Pipeline networks

(Petro)chemical industry

Areas of expertise

Emission management

Emission monitoring:

 LDAR - Leak Detection And Repair

 Optical Gas Imaging - Smart LDAR

 Methane emission monitoring

 Storage tank emission management

 Turnaround acceleration services

 New technologies

Energy savings:

Steam loss monitoring

☑ Vent and flare loss monitoring

☑ Infrared thermographic surveys

☑ Compressed air and vacuum leak detection

Emission tools and services:

Emission management software platform SFEMP

Emission management training

Environmental program development

Performance benchmarking

Regulatory advice

 Pipeline integrity

Field surveys and services

Cathodic protection & coating surveys

Third party activities & interferences

 Pipeline leak detection

 Pipeline leak detection with sniffing dogs

 Pipeline localization and inspection (XYZ, DoC, RoW)

 Ultrasonic In-Line Inspections (ILI-UT)

New technologies

Pipeline condition assessments (FFP, CGA, RLA, LCA)

Pipeline risk assessments

Pipeline integrity management

Pipeline Integrity Management Software

Training for pipeline integrity