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Ambrell Installs EKOHEAT and EASYCOIL for Preheating

10th June 2014
Client needed large, unconventional parts heated and Ambrell designed a fast, efficient solution that met their process requirements

Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, installed an EASYCOIL at a customer facility to enable the client to supply equipment to down-hole drilling customers. The company had a preheating application, and needed to heat large, unconventional steel parts that would be difficult to heat with a traditional coil. Ambrell’s EASYCOIL – which is a flexible coil that can be wound around large and smaller parts alike – was ideal for this application. The installed coil was about 100 feet long and able to heat the 1,500 lb part in just 25 minutes. 


This client was using resistance heating, but found induction to be a faster and more precise heating method. They used an EKOHEAT 50 kW induction heating system in tandem with the EASYCOIL for this application and found that Ambrell’s EKOHEAT was lighter, more flexible and better able to fit into their floor plan than competitive systems.


Ambrell is a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, with 10,000 installations in over 50 countries. Systems are manufactured in the United States, while there are lab, service and sales locations internationally.