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Click to Find Out: A New App with Your Petroleum Testing Options

17th April 2014

The choice is yours: 140 solutions for petroleum testing are ready for you in Anton Paar’s portfolio. These solutions are applied for quality control and in-depth analysis at all points of petroleum production, from exploration, refining and processing all the way to transport and distribution. Anton Paar’s instruments measure multiple parameters of a vast range of samples, from asphalt and crude oil to lubricants, fuel oil and solvents, and comply with countless relevant standards. 


So now, the question is: What exactly can Anton Paar offer you, wherever you are, whichever application is relevant to you?


Here’s the fast and easy answer: Get instant access to all your petroleum testing options in Anton Paar’s new interactive App “Measuring Petroleum”. 


Take an interactive trip through the entire petroleum production process and get a complete overview of all Anton Paar solutions, measured samples and applicable standards. An added bonus: Attractive filter functions give you a clear picture of all relevant measuring points for a certain product, or immediately show you which standards are relevant for which parts of your process. 


In this way, the Petro App not only provides all product information you may require, but also gives you the free benefit of valuable petroleum testing know-how, gathered in many decades by measurement experts at Anton Paar.


Download the Measuring Petroleum App from iTunes or Google Play - or access the desktop version at