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Faster and no longer furious

19th January 2015
DMA 4200 M extends the limits of density measurement
DMA 4200 M density meter
The new DMA 4200 M density meter

At last there is a density meter which can measure all petroleum samples, including crude oil, intermediate products, asphalt, liquefied petroleum gas and high-viscosity liquids: the new DMA 4200 M. This instrument extends the renowned DMA M range of density meters from Anton Paar and builds on almost 50 years of experience in density measurement.


Using DMA 4200 M means that tedious, manual and time-intensive measurement with pycnometers or hydrometers is a thing of the past. Only 2 mL of sample is needed and even viscous samples are filled easily. Measurement in a temperature range from -10 °C up to 200 °C even allows density checks on samples which are solid at room temperature. DMA 4200 M automatically calculates the density values for the required reporting temperature using built-in API tables. After measurement, instead of laborious, solvent-intensive cleaning routines, the DMA 4200 M sample cell is quickly cleaned with only a small amount of solvent.


The heart of DMA 4200 M is an innovatively designed and precisely engineered U-tube made of Hastelloy. This high-performance material has a much higher chemical resistance to hydrochloric acid and sour gas than stainless steel, ensuring a long life with no risk of breakages or corrosion. As the U-tube is so robust, samples can also be measured under pressures up to 500 bar.


The DMA 4200 M is a must-have tool for laboratories at petroleum refineries as it improves, accelerates and simplifies density measurements for incoming crude oil, for intermediate samples to give quick feedback to the refining process and for QC of samples like asphalt, bitumen and LPG.


DMA 4200 M from Anton Paar: the all-rounder for all petroleum samples. 

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