SVM™ 3001 Stabinger Viscometer™: Welcome to new viscometry

DMA 35 Portable Density Meter: Introduction

The DMA 35 portable density meter measures the density and concentration of your sample and is characterized by the highest level of user friendliness. Its robust and lightweight design enables the use in numerous fields of application and its...

SVM 3000 Viscometer: Teaser for video manual

The SVM 3000 Stabinger Viscometer measures the dynamic viscosity and density of oils and fuels according to ASTM D7042. From this result, the viscometer automatically calculates the kinematic viscosity and delivers measurement results equivalent...

L-Vis 510 Inline Viscometer: Features

Requiring no bypass, the L-Vis 510 inline viscometer is easily installed directly in the production line for reliable, round-the-clock viscosity monitoring

Callisto 100 Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester

The fully automated, compact, stand-alone CFPP tester Callisto 100 determines the low temperature operability in diesel fuel, biodiesel, blends and gas oils.