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Space technologies for the oil and gas industry

25th September 2014
New software in prototype development could identify abnormal behaviour of subsystems and help prevent unscheduled shut downs

S.A.T.E. S.r.l. is performing a study and operational software prototype development under contract with the European Space Agency-European Space Operations Centre (Darmstadt-Germany) regarding the Automatic Behaviour Detection and Low Level Data Sets Such As Telemetry.


The objective of this study is to develop a system that can analyse historical telemetry and automatically extract knowledge and alert in real time of new (possibly anomalous) behaviour of the monitored parameters. Spacecrafts' flight control engineers can then focus on specific telemetry data and decide about the significance of the different behaviour, to prevent major failures and/or achieve better performance and extended mission.


The key feature of the approach followed in this study and prototype development is that it does not rely on a priori knowledge of the system and of relevant signals or categorical parameters. It is then extremely general and suitable to any application in industrial fields where large amount of data are available and need to be processed in order to interpret the system/plant behaviour and to identify causes/effects relations among the measured quantities.


In the Oil & Gas production sector, for example, this system could help field operation engineers identifying and possibly predict anomalous behaviour of subsystems or components of a plant, thus preventing unscheduled shut downs and plan on condition maintenance, by automatically processing the large amount of valuable information available in field telemetry data.