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ExxonMobil Chemical expands Singapore and Antwerp operations

25th September 2014

ExxonMobil Chemical is increasing production of its high performance hydrocarbon fluids by about 10 per cent through expansion projects at its Singapore and Antwerp facilities

ExxonMobil Chemical expands Singapore and Antwerp operations
Singapore is ExxonMobil’s largest integrated refining and chemical manufacturing site

The additional capacity, designed to meet rapidly expanding global demand for hydrocarbon fluids and extend the company’s worldwide supply capability, will begin producing by mid-2015 and be complete in 2016.

“The investments in new capacity at our Singapore and Antwerp facilities demonstrate ExxonMobil’s commitment to meet evolving customer needs,” said Elissa Sterry, vice president of intermediates products, ExxonMobil Chemical Company. “Our fluids are tailored to meet specific end-use requirements, providing customers with a competitive advantage. As a fully integrated company, access to our own feedstocks reinforces supply security for our customers.”

ExxonMobil Chemical is the leading producer of hydrocarbon fluids specifically formulated for resource extraction, industrial processing and a wide range of consumer applications. The company’s portfolio of fluids includes ultra-low aromatic grades that deliver the highest performance standards while complying with stringent environmental and regulatory requirements.

“ExxonMobil’s specialty products, such as our Escaid fluids, improve performance and safety in extended-reach drilling and solvent extraction processes for mining applications,” said Declan Dixon, ExxonMobil fluids marketing manager. “Our Exxsol fluids, with extremely-low aromatic content and low odor, are effectively and efficiently replacing traditional industrial and consumer solvents.”

The expansion projects, which upgrade refining streams into specialty chemical products, are in progress and build on other recently announced large investment projects in the company’s Singapore and Antwerp facilities.

Singapore is ExxonMobil’s largest integrated refining and chemical manufacturing site. The company has expanded production in Singapore to meet expected demand across the Asia Pacific region.

ExxonMobil’s capacity expansion in Antwerp is among other investments totaling more than $2 billion over the last decade at the facility. The expanded hydrocarbon fluids unit will further strengthen ExxonMobil’s integrated downstream and chemical portfolio in northwest Europe to better compete in the global industry environment.

Hydrocarbon fluids, including specialty brands and unique products tailored for specific applications, are available in a variety of distillation ranges and evaporation rates. They are well suited as solvents, dispersants and carriers for many applications. The ExxonMobil Chemical portfolio of high-value hydrocarbon fluids include the Exxsol D, Escaid, Isopar, Somentor and Solvesso brands.

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