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AS-Schneider has been awarded the Supplier of The Year Award

26th November 2014

AS-Schneider was distinguished for the ninth time by Rosemount Measurement - the large American company Emerson, to which Rosemount Measurement also belongs, has honoured AS-Schneider with the "Supplier of The Year Award"

Rosemount Measurement honors AS-Schneider with the "Supplier of the Year" Award

The Nordheim firm has collaborated with Emerson for 20 years.

AS-Schneider industrial fittings are often used in conjunction with Rosemount measuring instruments.

In order to honour this successful partnership, AS-Schneider was not only awarded the "Emerson Supplier Award" for the ninth time in a row but also received the special prize "Supplier of The Year" for the first time as the best Rosemount Measurement supplier.

Above all, Emerson praised the internationalisation strategy of the fitting specialist and the resulting intensive contact with users around the world.

"Our close, cooperative partnership on all continents and the continuous optimization of all processes was honoured this year with the highest award that a supplier can receive," Helge Rüter, AS-Schneider Sales and Marketing Manager for Europe & Africa, explained proudly after the awards ceremony.

That is only possible with a strong presence on-site. In 2013, AS-Schneider opened a subsidiary in the USA in Houston, Texas. The company is also represented in Dubai, Singapore and Romania with its own businesses.

The prize is a great honour for AS-Schneider and proof that it is on the right path.

"It is important for us to meet the needs of our customers as well as possible," emphasizes Helge Rüter. "And we do that not only through an innovative product range, but also through intensive support – before, during and after the realisation of a project".


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