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US company launches new safety lamp

09th January 2013

Cooper Crouse-Hind unveils new explosion-protected hand lamp for zone 0 and charger for zone 1 hazardous areas

US company launches new safety lamp
The new TX40 induction-charged hand lamp can be used safely in zone 0, 1, and 2 hazardous environments

US-based electrical products company Cooper Crouse-Hind has announced the extension of its range of explosion-protected portable safety lamps with a new LED torch that is certified for use in ATEX Zone 0 hazardous areas. The associated induction charger unit for the torch is certified for Zone 1 hazardous areas, providing users with a maintenance-free, multi-functional lighting system for use in almost every hazardous environment.

The new TX40 induction-charged hand lamp can be used safely in Zone 0, 1, and 2 hazardous environments, with the associated CX40 induction charger mounted close by in a Zone 1 area. This means the system is ideal for inspection, maintenance, and repair work that needs to be carried out in potentially explosive Zone 0 atmospheres found in industrial chemicals, petrochemicals, and pharmaceutical plants.

The TX/CX40 charger and torch are monitored continuously for any faults via automatic function testing. Any faults are indicated by an LED. This guarantees maximum availability of the lighting system. The intelligent charging method for the torch enables steady, optimum battery charging, guaranteeing high charge density, and long service life of the rechargeable battery.

“Despite its low power consumption, the high efficiency, impact resistant LED lighting technology on the TX40 provides a very high luminous intensity,“ said Klaus Weyer, Product Line Manager Lighting at Cooper Crouse-Hinds GmbH. “Combined with a 4-degree lens and reflector, the 3W high efficiency LED produces a bright, uniform light flux of 200 lumen, which ensures optimum illumination of the work area.”

The CX40 charger unit uses an inductive coupling system. When the TX40 lamp is plugged into the charger, the lamp is recharged by induction charging. As well as providing a safer system, this contact-free method of recharging means that any corrosion of the contacts due to environmental influences are eliminated. This means the charger can be safely mounted in Zone 1, whilst the torch can be operated in Zone 0.

If the mains power supply to the charger should fail for any reason, an emergency lighting function switches on the plugged in torch automatically – regardless of the position of the switch. Also, in order to ensure that the torch is always in its place, an optional seal point can be provided for securing the torch in the charger.

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