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Digital transformation vision enables frontline workers to become agents of change

29th October 2020

AVEVA has signed an agreement to help accelerate Shell Global Solutions International’s digital transformational strategy by deploying AVEVA’s cloud software solutions.

Ravi Gopinath -Chief Cloud Officer and Chief Product Officer, AVEVA

 AVEVA will provide Shell with its Engineering Data Warehouse technology, which is one of the building blocks of the digital twin. This will enable a common digital thread across engineering, operations and maintenance and the ability to securely deliver information in context from a single source to decision makers across these critical functions.

The technology will enable Shell through its digital twin to drive asset reliability, enhance efficiency and reduce unplanned downtime. The solution will also support in providing actionable insights right from the site operator to the asset leadership team.

The solution supports Shell’s ambition to empower staff across its manufacturing sites and to keep frontline industrial workers safe while ensuring business continuity and operational resilience.

“Empowering workers requires access to all the information as today’s new normal entails remote access to monitor, manage and optimise production facilities,” Johan Krebbers, general manager, emerging digital technologies at Shell, said. “We are already witnessing the benefits of our strategic collaboration with AVEVA through our fully aligned vision for digital transformation. This has enabled us to conduct operations remotely as well as seamlessly access the necessary applications to provide the insight, guidance and tools to ensure safe, effective and consistent work output, specific to each role.”

The data warehouse brings together engineering information across the lifecycle of the asset, supported by powerful and proven applications that enable visualisation, analysis, prediction and guidance.

“This deployment is part of Shell’s recently announced strategy to deploy digital twin technology across its manufacturing sites,” Ravi Gopinath, chief cloud officer and chief product officer, AVEVA, said. “Implementing new technologies like IIoT, extended reality, and artificial intelligence has huge advantages with the digital twin of an operating environment and this cutting-edge technology is guaranteed to deliver immediate improvements for Shell’s operations.”



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