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DUNA-Emirates completes the expansion of the plant

05th June 2018

During the beginning of the second quarter 2018, the first phase of our expansion of the production site of DUNA-Emirates LLC FZC, located in Fujairah, in the United Arab Emirates, was completed.

DUNA-Emirates LLC FZC has been operational since 2012 and dedicated to the continuous production of polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams. The expansion, which was approved and started in 2Q 2017, involved doubling the covered building size in order to support the existing production department. In fact, the new area boasts the most modern equipment for the processing of foams and is able to offer customers, throughout the middle and Far East areas, products of the highest quality in line with the standards dictated by the Headquarters of the group. The expansion of the range of products supplied by DUNA-Emirates to the Oil & Gas and B2B industry in the area represents the first phase of a broader project to expand the DUNA-Emirates offerings to be completed by 2019.

"This investment puts DUNA-Emirates in a position to provide not only blocks but also custom-made slabs machined and calibrated with the most advanced European technology, increasing our presence in the area's cold and composite chain" says Soufiane Rharib, General Manager of DUNA-Emirates. "The industries of Cold Chain and composites, for example, are expanding markets here, given the temperatures and economic and tourist development that characterize these areas" continues Eng. Rharib.

"The modern collection and suction system of cutting powders also allows operators to work in a healthy environment and well beyond the minimum requirements required, as per the company policy of the parent company of Modena".

Ms. Marta Brozzi, the Chairman and CEO of the Group, declares her satisfaction, commenting "The interventions allow us to obtain the highest quality products with an equally high level of service for our Customers. We have thus transferred part of a technology but also part of a philosophy that has always inspired DUNA's investments: high quality repays itself with immediate and lasting returns given by the greater efficiency of insulation, ease of installation and less maintenance required ex-post. The attention to tolerances, to the quality of the panel and to the effectiveness of adhesion for the composites industry represent, at the same time, a fundamental added value for the quality and the function of the product that our customers intend to realize".

Eng. Marta Brozzi continues, "With this first phase of expansion we intend to increase the diversification of the DUNA-Emirates outlet segments in markets like UAE, which stand out in the world for ambitious investment programs in infrastructures under construction, including those related to the next EXPO Dubai 2020".

DUNA Emirates produces polyurethane and polyisocyanurate rigid foam with a wide density range of 32 to 120 kg/m3 and markets all DUNA group products, including high-density foams, systems, adhesives and epoxy resins.
Since its establishment in 2012, DUNA-Emirates quickly became a point of reference for the Middle and Far East markets in cryogenic industrial insulation.

The DUNA group has been producing polyurethanes since 1957 and provides products and technical assistance for the most varied applications, in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, marine, cryogenic, construction, tooling, composites, teaching, modeling, mold making up to art and to the scenography markets.

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