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EM&I – New Hull Inspector Competency Training

19th February 2016

EM&I are investing in an intensive world-wide training programme for their onshore and offshore personnel.

Hull Inspector Training
Hull Inspector Training

Danny Constantinis (CEO) said, ‘We recognised that our rapid growth, fuelled by our new cost saving technologies meant that we had to invest in providing additional specialist skills for our people. This further differentiates EM&I from other service providers and delivers enhanced safety and cost benefits to our clients’

Last week saw EM&I Team Leaders gathered in Cumbria from around the world to take part in a high intensity training event.

The programme included the launch of Hull Inspectors Competency training, an initiative arising from EM&I's leadership of the HITS JIP (Hull Inspection Techniques and Strategy, Joint Industry Forum).

The Hull Inspectors Competency syllabus has been developed by EM&I on behalf of the industry and includes theory and practical assessments before Certificates of Competency are issued.

Pat Lawless (COO) said, ‘We are working through the HITS JIP to create the new Hull Inspector Competency standard and expect that this will evolve into an industry wide requirement in the same way that we led the IRATA rope access international standard.’

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