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GEOSuite v7.6 – new release includes live Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient monitoring

21st February 2018

Geologix Ltd is delighted to announce the latest release of their powerful GEOSuite software.

This release includes a number of significant updates, including live pore pressure, as well as key usability enhancements. Key features of the Pore Pressure Monitoring Surveillance workflow include:


       Pre-drill model creation using seismic velocities
       Real-time PPFG calculation from a choice of methodologies
       End of Well PPFG presentation with interpreted PP profile
       Automated PPFG daily report


       Range of methodologies for PPFG calculation
       Top hole pseudo-density options & composite density curve facility
       Lithology column from Wellsite Geo or automated from GR, VSH.
       Integrate typical well data, mud logging, LWD, Casing, tops, FIT/LOT, formation pressure tests

Other upgrades include:

       Curves –easily compile composite curves, easily turn display on/off, and create curves directly from table data
       Index Converter – instantly convert any depth value between MD-TVD-TVDSS
       Cross-plot Depth Analysis – cross-plot point selection highlights well log for gas analysis and petrophysics workflows
       Rose Plots – show trends in fracture type and orientation or wellbore stress direction

For more information and a demonstration of the GEOSuite Operations Geology toolkit please contact: or visit