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James Fisher’s Middle East operations continue to grow

17th October 2018

James Fisher and Sons plc (James Fisher) is pleased to report further expansion of its operations in the Middle East as part of its fast-paced regional growth, including the recent completion of cable and pipeline trenching projects and new construction and decommissioning activities going live across the region.

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James Fisher now has its largest deployment of equipment and manpower in the Middle East in the company’s history, working with high profile clients on installation, operations and maintenance and decommissioning works. And as demand increases James Fisher is continuing to invest in mobilising offshore equipment to the region, strengthening the company’s resources and offering faster deployment to projects.

With recent successful decommissioning and subsea trenching operations completed, James Fisher has quickly moved onto five construction and decommissioning projects currently being undertaken, including; cable installation, survey and diving operations and the cutting and removal of subsea infrastructure in the Gulf of Arabia. A heavy duty 500t linear winch is also on route to the Gulf in preparation for new shore approach pipe line pull in projects starting in December.

The company is continuing to deploy a host of equipment that will be based in the region, including a range of 150t winches, tension spooling equipment, diamond wire saws and ancillary equipment. This will all be supported by a team of offshore and subsea professionals with significant experience in oil and gas operations in the Middle East.

Faisel Chaudry, regional director at James Fisher said:

“Over the last year, we have seen a sharp increase in demand for our services in the Middle East oil and gas sector. Our continued investment illustrates our group-wide commitment to support our customers in the region. As our operations expand, we plan to deploy even more of our resources and expertise, establishing a permanent presence that will offer unrivalled support and truly integrated subsea service solutions.”


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