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Process diaphragm pump expert LEWA joins the Star Pump Alliance

10th January 2019

The new information platform for professional pump users has been making it easier to search for suppliers since June 2018.

The Star Pump Alliance (SPA) is an information platform for professional pump users that was founded by companies from the pump industry offering various application technologies. It launched at ACHEMA 2018 in June. The goals of the SPA include offering users around the world a broad spectrum of pump technologies and making the pump search considerably easier, all while strengthening the positions of technologically innovative, independent, medium-sized pump manufacturers in an increasingly concentrated market. Since July 2018, LEWA has also been an official member of this alliance.

The website makes it easier for users to search for the correct pump solution. This is achieved by explaining all technologies and their suitability for various application areas, then quickly guiding the user to the right supplier. The platform guarantees that any concrete inquiries from potential customers will receive a response within 48 hours of submission.

"We are hoping that our membership allows us to better tap into new markets and be discovered by potential customers who don't know about our brand or portfolio," explains Florian Kieninger, Vice President of Corporate Development at LEWA. This is especially true for regions with low population density, where it is economically difficult to build up a region-wide sales network. "The SPA can support our regional sales networks. It can also make it easier for potential customers and prospects to access the network and even help to establish new contacts," concludes Kieninger.

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