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Rex Industrial introduces on-demand engineering commerce system

16th January 2018

Rex Industrial LLC, (Rex), a technology company at the forefront of software development, has launched Engineering CommerceTM; a fully integrated system that supplies engineered products and services to be delivered on-demand.

The database-driven system streamlines efforts from design through to delivery. Companies are now able to customize and purchase multiple types of structures and associated foundations online. Design information is entered into online templates and once approved, a customized structure is delivered on location for installation. To ensure quality, each purchase comes with an engineered sealed document.

Allan Martin, operations manager, Rex, said, “In the past, acquiring engineered structures was an expensive and lengthy process that required the co-ordination of multiple contractors. The Rex Engineering Commerce system strategically aligns activities to substantially reduce lead-time, price and co-ordination man-hours.

The process of designing, engineering, estimating, bidding and procuring has been simplified into a simple ‘bought item’ transaction.”
          Joe Miller, senior advisor, Rex, said, "Our mission is to ensure our customer receives a quality product, in a timely manner, that is cost-effective, with the convenience of today’s advanced technology." 

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