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RigNet Introduces Intelligent Remote LTE Services

10th January 2019

RigNet, Inc., the leading provider of ultra-secure, intelligent networking solutions, today introduced its CompleteConnect multi-band LTE services, the first application of which is available for remote operations.

CompleteConnect ensures constant connectivity, high capacity, and high availability. It offers users an intelligent, durable, LTE solution that is easy to deploy and can be bundled with L-band and VSAT services to provide communications beyond LTE coverage areas. CompleteConnect is portable and features a rugged case with durable components to ensure reliability in harsh environments and under rough handling. It also comes with a SD-WAN switch which enables lowest-cost routing between carriers in remote regions, simplifying site management and uptime, while providing better security.

“CompleteConnect expands communication options for our customers, enabling them to benefit fully from digital transformation,” says RigNet Vice President of Products and Services, Edward Traupman. “Designed with the future in mind, it provides fast, secure, and reliable sharing of critical real-time data, voice, and video to remote sites.”

CompleteConnect automatically switches between LTE providers and LTE and VSAT to give users the most extensive and reliable coverage. Also, because the networks it provides are separated at remote service sites, comingling of user communications at those sites is eliminated, further enhancing data security.

RigNet (NASDAQ: RNET) is a global technology company providing customized communications services, applications, real-time machine learning, and cybersecurity solutions to enhance customer decision-making and business performance. RigNet delivers a digital transformation bundle that accelerates technology adoption and empowers customers to be always connected, always secure, and always learning. RigNet is headquartered in Houston, Texas with operations around the world.

For more information on RigNet, please visit RigNet is a registered trademark of RigNet, Inc.

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