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RigNet signs long-term agreement with Northern Offshore

12th February 2020

RigNet has signed a long-term agreement with Northern Offshore, a global offshore drilling company, to provide various services to their fleet of rigs in the Middle East.

Under this agreement, RigNet will provide several solutions including VSAT Managed Communications Services, CrewFlix Video on Demand, CrewHotspot internet, and Enhanced Cyber Services (ECS).

“RigNet has demonstrated their ability to meet our expectations of rapid deployment and alignment with Northern Offshore’s plans,” said Tony Beebe, SVP Project Management & Engineering. “We expect these solutions and technologies will allow us to optimize our operations for greater efficiency and increased financial performance.” 

RigNet is providing an advanced VSAT solution with voice and high-speed data communications as well as 24/7 remote network monitoring and technical support. This will be combined with RigNet’s ECS offering, an improved data and system security solution with real-time threat detection, as well as an advanced conditional access system tailored for 3rd-party partners on offshore rigs.

In addition, RigNet is also providing crew information and entertainment services from its CrewConnect portfolio, including CrewFlix, RigNet’s video-on-demand service and Crew Hotspot, a dedicated crew internet access point. The CrewConnect portfolio provides services for improved crew morale in remote locations, enhancing operational efficiency through reduced employee turnover and increased productivity.

“We are very pleased that Northern Offshore recognizes the value of RigNet as we enable their success across these vessels in the region,” said Steven Picket, President and Chief Executive Officer of RigNet. “Our goal is to deliver comprehensive managed communications services to meet the needs of customers like Northern Offshore as they improve efficiency, productivity, and safety while lowering overall cost.”

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