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Russian Fuel Market 2017

21st January 2017

RPI company have the honor of inviting you and your colleagues to the International Conference “Russian Fuel Market: Crisis or Time of Opportunity?” (April 6-7, Moscow).

Russian Fuel Market 2017
Russian Fuel Market 2017

The Event Focus in 2017: Oil Products Market at a Time of Macroeconomic Instability – Stagnation, Decline or Time of Opportunity?

Forum is supported by the St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange.

The event will include the International Conference “Oil Products Market at a Time of Macroeconomic Instability” (April 6), Co-Working Session “Innovations Serving Organic Business Growth in the Oil Products Market” (April 7) and Round-Table “Storage and Transportation - Promising Business or Service Function?” (April 7).

Among speakers of the forum are:

- Representative, Rosavtodor

- Representative, Gazprom neft

- Oleg Alekseenkov, General Director, TRASSA Group of Companies

- Mikhail Katsnelson, Financial Director, Burger King Russia

- Gennady Kochetkov, President, SubWay Russia

- Alexander Chekrygin, Advisor to General Director, VTB-Factoring

- Anton Karpov, Vice President, St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange

- Igor Polovets, Managing Partner, RPI

- Tamara Kandelaki, General Director, InfoTEK-Consult

- Mikhail Blinkin, Director, Institute for Transport Economics and Transport Policy Studies

- Alexander Kuzmin, General Director, Rusholts

- Evgeny Korotin, Director, Micromarket Research Center

And many others.

Among the participants of the event:

- Oil companies’ representatives

- Retail, wholesale and corporate sales of oil products

- Logistics operations, storage operations, railway and road shipping

- Refining, including owners and executives of independent refiners

- Owners and top executives of independent shipping and infrastructure companies involved in storage and transportation of oil products

- Representatives of logistics operators

- Owners and top executives of independent petrol station chains

- Representatives of Russian and foreign engineering companies and manufacturers of equipment for sales infrastructure facilities such as petrol stations, storages, line operations dispatch stations

- Foreign oil companies – operators/owners of petrol station chains in Russia

- Representatives of federal and regional trading companies

- Representatives of banks, investment, leasing and factoring companies

- Representatives of independent surveyor companies

- Consulting, HR and law firms

- Representatives of retail chains/operators of non-fuel businesses

And others.

For more information on the event please, visit RPI website:

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