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Sercel DeliversLand Acquisition System and Nomad 65 Neo Vibrators to Algeoland

29th March 2018

Sercel announced today the delivery of a 25,000-channel 508XT land seismic acquisition system and 15 Nomad 65 Neo broadband vibrators to Algeoland, Algeria’s leading private geophysical company.

Sercel’s Nomad 65 Neo vibrator provides high-performance broadband vibroseis in the toughest desert conditions

Algeoland will deploy the Sercel equipment to conduct a major 3D seismic survey over a 2,000-km² area of the Rhourde-Nouss desert region in north east Algeria, on behalf of the national oil company.

The 508XT system drives productivity, data quality and adaptability to an unprecedented level thanks to its X-Tech architecture. Generating high-fidelity low-frequency broadband sweeps down to 1Hz, the all-terrain Nomad 65 Neo is able to contribute to the delivery of higher resolution seismic data even in the harsh Algerian desert.

Mebrouk Tarfaoui, Algeoland CEO, said: “Sercel’s success hinges on its product reliability, dedicated customer support and groundbreaking spirit of innovation. By deploying Sercel equipment, we will benefit from its latest acquisition technologies and have the confidence to deliver the best data ever for imaging to our customer.”

Pascal Rouiller, Sercel CEO, said: “As an equipment supplier to Algeoland since the company’s creation in 2014, we are pleased to have been selected once again to equip a major land seismic survey in Algeria. Both the 508XT and Nomad 65 Neo have been successfully field-proven in the toughest desert conditions and their deployment will enable Algeoland to achieve the best productivity and reduce operational downtime.”

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