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SNC-Lavalin showcases benefits of digital technologies

12th November 2018

Combining digital tools and improved work processes can achieve 30% cost reduction through efficiency and productivity improvements and SNC Lavalin’s spares optimisation solution delivers 50% essential reduction in inventory.

SNC-Lavalin, one of the world’s leading engineering, design and project management companies, estimates that oil and gas operators can reduce their costs by 30% across the design-build-operate lifecycle of oil and gas projects.

At ADIPEC 2018 this week, the company intends to showcase its end-to-end solutions across the value chain from consulting and engineering to project delivery, completions and commissioning, asset integrity, and maintenance and operations. Through live demonstrations, experts will explain how immersive technology is transforming the oil & gas sector with live, in-booth demonstrations on how the company has reduced cost and schedule and improved productivity and safety for its customers. Experts will also discuss structural integrity, safety management and other upstream onshore, offshore and downstream refining and petrochemical advancements.

SNC-Lavalin will also feature in the ADIPEC Technical Programme. On Tuesday, November 13, Simon Evans, Director, Digital Engineering will discuss Digital Transformation in Downstream Operations, and on Thursday, November 15, Dr. Sachi Maiti, Director, Global Technology Taskforce will present Investment Planning for an Integrated Refining and Petrochemical Complex to Optimise Risk and Profit. more information can be found at

Two of the many examples showcased include virtual reality and augmented reality for design and operational reviews, allowing customers to see and analyze their facility prior to construction. This improves efficiency, simplifies decision-making and reduces costs. Through a multi-user platform, the technology is also used to facilitate and enrich global collaboration by bringing together project and client teams from around the world simultaneously into a 3D virtual environment using virtual avatars, enabling on-screen, instantaneous design planning and amendments.

Another example is SNC Lavalin’s spares optimization solution, which enabled a 50% reduction in spares inventory for a major oil and gas operator’s range of assets. For one basin alone, this equated to a potential savings of USD 179 million from USD 214 million operational spares inventory, including OPEX savings, lower labour costs, and reduced CAPEX spending on unnecessary stock. To date, the client has confirmed savings of over USD 94 million.

“With the potential to reduce CAPEX and OPEX by up to 30%; SNC-Lavalin Oil & Gas is improving the way we work for our customers, by streamlining work processes and leveraging our data to drive insight. Digital is a key enabler of our success, but it is our experts and changing culture that are driving the change. As one of the largest contractors in the Middle East region, we look forward to sharing the engineering, project delivery and operational advancements we have implemented for our customers,” said Maggie Seeliger, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Marketing, Oil and Gas, SNC-Lavalin.

SNC Lavalin has about 15,000 employees in the Middle East and has operated in the region for more than 50 years, with recent awards including the engineering, design and delivery of an advanced topping refinery in the UAE, a greenfield chlor-alkali PVC plant in Oman, project support services for West Qurna phase 2 oil field surface facilities in Iraq, and commissioning management support services for the Al-Zour Refinery in Kuwait.

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