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Total completes the upgrade of its largest refining & petrochemicals platform in Europe

07th December 2017

Total has inaugurated the new units at its Antwerp integrated refining & petrochemicals platform, which have progressively started up in the last few months.

Total's Antwerp integrated refining & petrochemicals platform
Total's Antwerp integrated refining & petrochemicals platform

This event marks the completion of the upgrade program launched in 2013 of one of the largest and most efficient integrated refining & petrochemicals platforms in Europe. The company has invested more than USD1.78bn to further improve the competitiveness of this major site located in the heart of Europe's main markets.

Two key projects were completed. First an investment in a new refining complex was approved for the conversion of more heavy fuel oil into low-sulphur light products and a deasphalting unit and a hydrocracker were built to increase the production of clean and high-value-added products. The new refining complex will reduce the high-sulphur heavy fuel oil yield, in anticipation of the new marine fuel regulation that will take effect in 2020.

Steam cracker flexibility has also been increased to maximise the processing of low cost advantaged feedstock. A new unit was built to convert rich gases produced by the refinery into cracker feedstock and one of the two steam crackers and site logistics has been adapted to import and process ethane.

"This major project is a perfect example of our strategy, which is to constantly strengthen the industrial competitiveness of our major integrated platforms to position them among the industry's best," Bernard Pinatel, president, Total Refining & Chemicals, said. "It also illustrates our ambition in petrochemicals, where we aim to capitalize on the market's growth by processing low-cost feedstock. Antwerp's steam crackers will now be able to process up to 60 per cent advantaged feedstock derived from gas, which are cheaper than naphtha, derived from oil."

Total also announced a logistics project last August to connect the platform to the neighbouring storage terminal via a new pipeline and the expansion of the terminal's capacities to maximise product value.


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