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TTS Intelligent control block for windlasses prevents severe damages

30th August 2018

The risk for severe damages to the windlass motor related to anchor heaving under heavy weather conditions is now reduced significantly.

TTS Intelligent control block

The newly-designed TTS Intelligent Control Block automatically adjusts when overload is detected and protects the motor from damage.

A common issue is that heavy weather conditions such as waves, swell and strong current pose a challenge for both the equipment and the crew. When the crew tries to heave the anchor under these conditions, the anchor chain often exceeds the intended safe load for the windlass. This leads to motor damage, chain loss and downtime.

The new control block was developed as a response to this recurring issue.  

-Our team of experts has developed an innovative and simple solution for a well-known problem in the maritime industry, says Christian Heyden, Vice President Technical Department at TTS Marine GmbH, a German subsidiary of TTS Group.

Christian Heyden explains that heavy weather conditions can wreak havoc on windlass motors, especially when they go into overload. The TTS Intelligent Control Block is a new solution for avoiding overload and correcting operator error at the most critical of times during anchor heaving.

The TTS Intelligent Control Block is available for all new TTS windlasses and as an upgrade for existing TTS windlasses. The control block detects overload and assists the operator by automatically repositioning the lever to ensure the correct balance between chain tension and power of the windlass is maintained. This protects the motor and gives the crew extra time for alternative measures.

The TTS Group is an international corporation that develops, designs, engineers and supplies high-quality handling systems and services for the global marine and offshore industries. Headquartered in Bergen, Norway, TTS has subsidiaries in 13 countries.

With a worldwide workforce of around 900, TTS has more than 50 years' experience in the maritime industry. TTS is one of top three largest suppliers in its specialized market segments.

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