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UK manufacturer Roxtec supplies Dana Petroleum’s new North Sea FPSO

06th December 2017

Innovative cable sealing solutions designed by Roxtec have been used in the construction of Dana Petroleum’s new Western Isles floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel, which started production in the UK North Sea last month.

Western Isles FPSO, courtesy of Dana Petroleum

Roxtec UK managing director Clive Sharp said enclosure seals are being used aboard the platform to allow cables to pass between separate areas, while protecting people and equipment.


The firm’s cable sealing systems can also be found in the vessel's hull area, living quarters and within power utility modules. Bulkhead seals and deck seals are being used topside to allow cables to pass between the FPSO's sections safely and securely.


“Roxtec seals are protecting life and assets against a huge range of potential dangers, including fire, jet-fire, gas pressure, water, explosions and electromagnetic interference,” he said. “As well as offering a comprehensive protection package, they also allow businesses to save time, space and weight. Due to the simplicity of our flexible transit systems, businesses are able to cut down time spent on design and engineering.”


He added that due to Roxtec's global reach, the company was able to provide assistance in the UK during the project's design phase, as well as in China while the FPSO vessel was under construction. Further support was made available in the UK when the platform entered its hook-up and commissioning stage following its arrival off the coast of Britain in the summer.


"Roxtec's multi-cable and pipe transits are ideal for the type of environment found onboard the FPSO platform," said Mr Sharp. "Our ES solutions form a barrier against electromagnetic interference to ensure electromagnetic compatibility at all times, while our Ex solutions, which are ATEX certified and comply with the latest European standards, are used on cables going in and out of hazardous areas due to the risk of an explosion occurring. These challenging environments are where our sealing systems really thrive, offering customers a simple, safe and effective solution."

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