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Sniffing out success: dog division raises the game in pipeline leak detection

27th January 2015

Leak detection specialists, the Sniffers, is taking its dogs division global on the back of rabid 2014 success

Leak detection specialists, the Sniffers, is taking its dogs division global on the back of rampant success in 2014
Gas leak detection with special trained TÜV certified dogs

Great technology remains the major catalyst for change in the oil and gas industry, but sometimes human innovation comes nowhere near as efficient as nature.

Last year, 2014, saw one tech division of a service company achieve record gains.

The dogs division of The Sniffers saw the successful application of its canine team to detection projects across the world.

“One of the advantages of using detection dogs for oil and gas leaks is their capability of smelling even parts per billion in comparison with the detection of parts per million using the most state-of-the-art equipment,” explained Guido Van Baelen, newly-appointed chief operating officer of the dog division at The Sniffers.

“Moreover, our TÜV-certified dogs are able of searching for oil- and gas leaks in rural and agricultural areas. Since our dogs always work in pairs, they can cover double the distance in one day, which means we can offer a higher financial payback factor to our customers.

“For the water leak detection project in Japan we used tracer gas, which enables the dogs to detect water leaks faster. It is important to note that this gas is environmental-friendly. Furthermore, the possibility to detect in rural and agricultural areas is, once again, an added bonus.

“Apart from these successful projects, we are planning on expanding the dog division on a world-wide scale.”

As a third party for an illegal tapping project in Georgia, the dogs division showed what they are capable of doing. Its four-footed friends were able to detect an illegal tap within the first four hours of intrusion. Because of its trustworthy and fast working method, the company decided to buy the TÜV-certified dogs. This project entailed the new beginning of the dog division.

“Our TÜV-certification is certainly one of the reasons of this success,” added Van Baelen. “This certification is unique in the world and its quality level is very high. To achieve our TÜV-certificate, our detection dogs had to bring forty simulations to fruition, which they successfully did.

“Moreover, our four-footed friends are specialised in underground short circuit detection and the localisation of cooling liquids in underground high voltage cables.

“As far as the dog handlers are concerned, we coordinate them and steer them in the right direction.”


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