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South Stream pipeline on course, according to Gazprom

14th November 2014

Gazprom has announced that the South Stream Transport joint venture company has completed FEED studies and is preparing to construct the first and second strings of the pipelines offshore section

South Stream pipeline on course according to Gazprom
Almost 300 thousand tons of pipes have been supplied for the first offshore string

It was stressed that South Stream Transport was ready for constructing the most complicated part of the project – the first and the second strings of the offshore gas pipeline.

FEED activities are completed for the offshore section. At present, the project contractor Saipem is engaged in detailed engineering of the submerged trunkline.

Almost 300 thousand tons of pipes have been supplied for the first offshore string.

Pipeline sections for the deepwater part are currently being welded in the port of Burgas.

South Stream is Gazprom's global infrastructure project aimed at constructing a gas pipeline with a capacity of 63 billion cubic metres across the Black Sea to Southern and Central Europe for the purpose of diversifying the natural gas export routes and eliminating transit risks. The gas pipeline will reach its full capacity in 2018.

South Stream Transport is a joint project company (Gazprom holding a 50 per cent stake, Eni – 25 per cent and Wintershall and EDF – 15 per cent each).

Saipem S.p.A. is a subsidiary of Italian oil and gas concern Eni and one of the major global oil and gas contractors having large fleet for conducting marine operations and laying offshore gas pipelines with various diameters at a range of depths.

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