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Leak detection

The Sniffers announces new CEO Bart Wauterickx

18th March 2015
Balen, Belgium – March 2, 2015 - The Sniffers, a world leader in emission monitoring and pipeline monitoring services, thermographic integrity inspections and leak detection with certified dogs, located in Balen, Belgium, announces the appointment of Bart Wauterickx as CEO effective immediately.

A dog’s life: Zapa and Zita prepare for a career in pipeline leak detection

16th February 2015
The Sniffers believes in developing a talented workforce from an early age, and few are as young, or as talented, as its latest trainees Zapa and Zita

Sniffing out success: dog division raises the game in pipeline leak detection

27th January 2015
Leak detection specialists, the Sniffers, is taking its dogs division global on the back of rabid 2014 success


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