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Advanced drilling and engineering simulator

25th September 2015

Maersk Training together with Oiltec Solutions and eDrilling have announced that training on the world’s most advanced drilling and engineering simulator will be available, in Maersk Training’s new training facility in Houston, TX when the center opens in November 2015.

World’s most advanced drilling and engineering simulator
World’s most advanced drilling and engineering simulator

“Saving cost, improving safety, and increasing efficiency and performance of drilling operations have always been our targets, and these factors are only going to grow in importance.  Drilling the well, testing new technology, and verifying procedures, in simulators, are  assisting  operators do exactly that,” remarks Jacob Petz, Managing Director,  Maersk Training in Houston.

“More than 2000 drilling and well professionals have been trained on wellSim hiDRILL by Maersk Training in Stavanger, Norway, on more than 100 well specific training scenarios. It will be great for US operators now to have the opportunity to do the same,” remarks Tor Olav Schibevaag, CEO eDrilling.

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