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Aptomar opens field monitoring centre

06th September 2015

Aptomar has opened its Aptomarin marine control center in Trondheim, Norway.

Aptomarin marine control center in Trondheim, Norway
Aptomarin marine control center in Trondheim, Norway

The 24/7 field monitoring operation is available to offshore oil companies operating in the main oil and gas hubs around the world. 

To operate the new marine control center, a group of highly experienced master mariners with extensive maritime and nautical experience has been added to Aptomar’s team. Together, the team has more than 100 years’ experience from offshore support vessels, drill rigs, fire brigade, navy, coast guard and oil and gas transportation.

“With the competence and technology available at Aptomarin, the field monitoring can be moved from the offshore asset to the 24/7 onshore control room. Oil can be detected and monitored, vessels can be tracked and diverted, birds can be counted and pipelines can be monitored at a lower cost than before,” says Lars Solberg, chief sales and marketing officer at Aptomar.  

Aptomarin uses the latest in technology which enables easy integration with existing tools, at a low investment and lifetime cost. The technical building blocks of the marine control center include radar-based oil, ice and object tracking systems, AIS (automatic identification system) vessel tracking and Aptomar’s TCMS – a tactical collaboration and management system for oil spill detection and combating, search and rescue and firefighting. The center also taps into aerial and satellite radars and cameras, wind and weather data, on-site radars and communicate with offshore assets via VHF radio to secure the safest possible offshore operating environment. 

“Aptomarin now consists of two control rooms, which allow us to offer more services and serve even more operations, both on the Norwegian continental shelf and elsewhere. All infrastructure is in place to utilize both existing rig sensing equipment, or install new, all to ensure a cost efficient turnkey service.  I hope oil companies see this as an opportunity to reduce the time, cost and investments they would normally have to spend to fulfill their 24/7 field monitoring requirements,” says Anders Meldal, group manager of Aptomarin.

Aptomar already provides field monitoring and oil spill services for several companies, including BG Group at their Knarr field on the Norwegian continental shelf, where Aptomarin has been operational since February 2015.

At Knarr, Aptomar provides 24/7 monitoring of offshore traffic and safety zones to detect and track vessels on collision course with offshore assets, plus continuous monitoring and detection of unintended spills, and is part of the 2nd line response team. 

“Several oil companies have requested that the supplier industry takes a broader, more systematic and holistic approach to field monitoring. Our second marine control room in Trondheim is Aptomar’s response to this,” says Lars Solberg. 


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