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Cummins Power Generation unveils new gas generator set

22nd January 2014

This generator set concentrates on remote locations by providing improved performance aptitude and proficieny in island mode

Cummins lean-burn gas generator

Cummins Power Generation, a global producer of electric power products, has introduced a new lean-burn gas generator set product line.

The new 50 Hz products, which enhance the capabilities of the existing QSV91G generator range, provide transient performance and better fuel proficiency, allowing them to run on low methane number fuels as well as produce lower emissions.

The new line marks the unveiling of a 2 MWe variant, in addition to the improved 1,540 kWe and 1,750 kWe models.

The main applications for the new models include “prime, peaking and combined heat and power (CHP),” as well as nonstop operation in island mode and standby power.

Their sturdy load handling features as well as the ability to run on pipeline and low methane number fuels make them perfect for remote locations where grid power is not reliable or available.

The new generator sets also have “Black Start capability” which contains the ability to bring the generator set quickly into operation without the need for an external electricity source such as a grid.

Black Start capability frees the generator set from grid dependency

They are rated for their operational ability on pipeline natural gas and the range retains its proven ability to run on biogases from landfill, digester and sewage sites

All models in the range meet ISO 8528 G1, which is a grade that specifies the performance of “reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets.

This means they deliver better transient performance with faster recovery to rated voltage and frequency during start-up and load fluctuation.

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