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EMAS AMC enlists satellite communication firm to boost global subsea operations

14th October 2014

EMAS AMC, EMAS’ subsea construction services division, has awarded SpeedCast International Limited (SpeedCast) a multi-year contract to provide satellite connectivity across its global OSV operations

EMAS AMC enlists satellite communication firm to boost global subsea operations
The contract is for an initial three-year period, with options to extend for an additional two years

The new satellite service provides high-performance broadband connectivity for mission critical data and voice applications on EMAS AMC vessels and client platforms.  SpeedCast will provide satellite network connectivity for a total of 12 of EMAS AMC’s vessels, which perform a wide variety of missions including offshore pipe lay, installation and subsea construction.

“We are thrilled to be working with an industry leader such as EMAS AMC,” said Pierre-Jean Beylier, CEO of SpeedCast.  “The integrated offshore solutions and engineering services that EMAS AMC provides for the oil and gas industry are in high demand across all the markets that they serve.”

“Designing, installing, operating and maintaining a highly reliable and tailor-made communications solution to support mission critical applications is at the heart of SpeedCast's abilities. We see a growing number of customers pursuing a more ambitious approach to their communications and therefore coming to us to help them put together the right solution.”

The contract is for an initial three-year period, with options to extend for an additional two years.  The service has the option to be extended to additional vessels, as and when required.

“EMAS AMC is always on the lookout for the latest technology to enhance value for our clients and communications are playing an increasingly important role in the operations of our vessels,” said Daniel Sack, chief operating officer at EMAS AMC.

“As we continuously develop our global presence, in all our key business regions, we needed a partner who could grow with us.  SpeedCast has the global infrastructure to design and deliver a communications solution that meets our high standards.  We look forward to developing a strong working relationship and expanding our business together with SpeedCast.”

EMAS AMC’s vessels are built and outfitted to execute complex projects in any environment, anywhere in the world.  SpeedCast designed the communications solution from the ground-up, leveraging both Ku-band and C-band frequencies, to meet the unique requirements of EMAS AMC, which include office and ship management applications, voice telephony, as well as crew communications.  SpeedCast is technology and frequency agnostic and operates the largest suite of solutions, enabling it to develop such customised satellite communication solutions based on its customers’ exact needs.

As a leading global offshore contractor, with a modern and versatile fleet of offshore support and construction vessels, and an extensive track record of offshore engineering solutions for the entire oilfield lifecycle, EMAS AMC understands communications are a critical component of their fleet’s mission.  SpeedCast’s strong global network and support capabilities will support EMAS AMC’s ability to execute a full spectrum of seabed-to-surface engineering, construction, marine and production services throughout the world.

The EMAS Group is a leading global contracting group providing offshore/subsea construction, marine, production and well intervention services, and is Singapore listed under the Ezra Holdings Limited’s operating brand.

SpeedCast is committed to expanding its presence and service portfolio to support the OSV market in Asia.  SpeedCast has recently established a new office facility in Singapore, complementing its presence in other key maritime markets, including Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Perth.

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