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GE Oil & Gas showcases Industrial Internet solutions at Rio Oil & Gas event

16th September 2014

The world is entering a new era of innovation known as Industrial Internet – its essence is to connect brilliant machines with people at work to use data analytics to find new ways to address major global challenges of the industry

GE Oil & Gas showcases Industrial Internet solutions at Rio Oil & Gas event
GE claims to be the only company that has both the big data and big machines needed to create and lead the Industrial Internet revolution

The Industrial Internet will unleash a productivity revolution the moment that the convergence of information allows operators to predict and prevent problems, eliminate downtime, waste and guesswork and improve performance for a stronger, faster, cleaner and safer world.

With a 130-year history of innovation in industrial technology and manufacturing, GE claims to be the only company that has both the big data and big machines needed to create and lead the Industrial Internet revolution.

GE’s integrated Predictivity solutions drive profitability gains from reduced unplanned downtime, fuel efficiencies, workforce optimisation, reductions in operating costs and uncovered, new revenue opportunities for customers.

The oil and gas industry is a priority of GE’s as it continues to invest to develop and implement intelligent systems. Today, the company’s challenges are to develop ways to remain competitive and to position for growth in a challenging environment with increasing production costs and a dwindling workforce pool.

Looking to meet its customer’s needs, GE Oil & Gas is developing new capabilities for the transformation of work processes by using data insights combined with significant industry knowledge.

With GE’s Predictivity technology, oil and gas companies can:

  • Reduce production interruption with early issue detection and scheduled, predictive maintenance;

  • Identify possible offshore issues with solutions that detect potential leaks with sound wave technology;
  • Drive increased well production by continuously monitoring the status of the well —individually and across the field;

  • Leverage key knowledge holders with data visualization and remote collaboration tools;
  • Provide a safer pipeline environment with data sensors and analytics that alert for danger signals.


GE Predictivity Analytic Solutions for Oil & Gas

GE Oil & Gas’s intelligent technologies support its customers to maximise production, extend important operational asset lifetime and reduce operating costs. Some of the company’s available solutions designed to help facilitate faster and more reliable decision making include:

  • SeaLytics BOP Advisor—Collects key BOP control system data and provides context to identify corrective actions leading to faster troubleshooting and better decision making. A Web-based solution, BOP Advisor grants drilling contractors online access, either onshore or offshore. The solution provides a health dashboard displaying insights down to the subsystem level, an events module to track specific incident details and a maintenance module to understand component replacement requirements. The result is an environment that allows the end user to leverage deep data insights;

  • Field Vantage—Provides clarity, consistency and a 360-degree view of electrical submersible pump (ESP) wells—all in real time, in one format, in one place. The solution extends the useful life of ESPs and other artificial lift systems by providing data collection, condition monitoring and prioritization of well alarms and events. The visualization dashboard allows users to make better, faster data-driven decisions so that they can focus on their most impactful wells based on priority order. Well operators can dispatch resources to respond quickly and proactively to potential issues, prevent downtime, maximize productivity and increase profitability of the entire field;

  • LNG Max Reliability—An outcome-based service that guarantees superior reliability of GE rotating equipment for the liquefied natural gas (LNG) and upstream industry segments. The solution leverages GE’s original equipment manufacturer design engineering knowledge, coupled with advanced sensors and big data analytics, to increase asset performance. Sophisticated sensors detect conditions for gas path debris, bearing element damage, blade time arrival and clearance, blade static deflection changes and torsional vibrations that together feed analytic systems that predict potential issues. Reliability Max alerts operators to pending component issues before they become failures. LNG Max Reliability assures increased levels of machinery reliability beyond current industry standards;
  • With additional drilling operations moving to the subsea level, leak detection is more important than ever. Naxys A10 is a standalone, non-intrusive sensor that provides wide-area directional coverage up to 500 meters. It leverages cutting-edge acoustic technology that detects both liquid and gas leaks in the subsea environment before they become potentially costly environmental issues. Leakages are monitored in real time 24/7. When an abnormal vibration is detected, a warning is sent topside to the operator. The severity of the warning can be assessed by checking the mass balance or complementary leak detector. Subsea systems optimization provides topside visibility for subsea acoustic leak detection;

  •       System 1 Fleet Management—A Web-based dashboard providing a single, secure access point for monitoring equipment and instrument health from the machine-to-fleet levels. Through the application of analytics to instrument and software alarms, The dashboard helps users quickly identify equipment and instrument health issues. Fleet Management increases accessibility and usability and adds new capabilities to the System 1 suite. The System 1 solution enables safe machine operation with minimal downtime by recognizing problems before they happen. Machine vibration, temperature, process parameters, servers, data communication and instrumentation are continuously monitored. Advanced visualization tools provide higher levels of visibility into overall operating health.

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