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The Paradigm 2015 Virtual Lecture Series has begun!

09th March 2015

The 2015 Paradigm Virtual Lecture Series has begun. In each brief video session (15-30 minutes), you will discover high-definition seismic imaging, quantitative seismic interpretation, and unique modeling approaches that redefine workflows to minimize risk and maximize production

Gain new insights into more cost-effective drilling in both conventional and unconventional plays by registering for the session, or sessions, that interest you.

For details, including the abstracts, visit the 2015 Virtual Lecture Series page.






 March 5


Well Marker Constrained Time-to-Depth and Redepth Solutions




 March 19


Seismic Focused Sweet Spot Characterization in a Shale Resource Play - an Eagle Ford Example




 April 2


Optimizing Production through Microseismic Data Analysis and Reservoir Modeling




 April 16


Advanced Tomography as a Tool for Enhancing Imaging and Interpretation




 April 30


Prestack Visualization and Analysis for Quantitative Seismic Interpretation




 May 14


Quantifying the Impact of Fault Position Uncertainty on Hydrocarbon Volume Estimates and Production Forecasts




 June 11


Solving Complex Seismic Correlation Challenges Using Volumetric Interpretation and Modeling




 June 25


Where are the Fractures? An Integrated Geological and Engineering Approach

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