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Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic inaugurates new training centre

24th March 2014

Dammam-based Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic (SPSP), has inaugurated its new Construction and Drilling Training Centre.

With a new batch of students trained and prepared to enter jobs related to the oil industry, the Dammam-based Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic (SPSP), has inaugurated its new Construction and Drilling Training Centre.

“Undoubtedly, Saudi Arabia, which owns an abundant natural wealth of oil, gas and minerals, is also rich in its human wealth, mostly young people, that need technical and technological education in various areas, especially those associated with petroleum industries and services,” Al-Naimi, the Minster of Petroleum and Mineral Resources said during the inauguration ceremony. “Our presence today on the occasion of the CDTC inauguration and graduation ceremony means that we are taking an important step toward the development of young talent in this area.”

His comments were echoed by HE Abdulrahman Bin Muhammad Abdulkarim, advisor for Company’s Affairs in the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and chairman of the SPSP Board of Trustees. “The CDTC has been established on the initiative of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, as directed by HE Ali I. Al-Naimi, to demonstrate the ministry’s role and belief in the importance of training and its active role in localizing oil services industry professions.” He also noted its role in preparing Saudi youth to join the labor market, providing them with theoretical and professional knowledge in accordance with international standards.

Talking about the most significant pillars of the CDTC’s success, Abdulkarim added, “They exist in CDTC’s adoption of the train-to-hire principle, as well as providing encouragement and motivation to trainees, such as housing and transport, which stimulate trainees’ perseverance and success.”

Al-Ghofais said SPSP comes “within the network of strategic partnerships that have proven to be effective” and have been able to be highly effective in “working within a specialized environment with rewarding income.” Al-Ghofais extended his thanks to Saudi Aramco “for its active role in operating specialized institutes.”

The SPSP is “a good example of what can be achieved in the area of preparing young Saudis under the umbrella of strategic partnerships launched by TVTC for years,” said Khalid A. Al-Falih, Saudi Aramco president and CEO, emphasizing that Saudi Aramco is proud to be one of the entities that contributed to the SPSP, as well as sponsoring and designing its programs in collaboration with a number of national companies and institutions.


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