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Schlumberger introduces Petrel Shale for unconventional resources

09th September 2014

First shale-specific software to offer an end-to-end workflow from exploration to production

Petrel Shale is a customised user interface and toolset
Petrel Shale is a customised user interface and toolset

Schlumberger has announced the release of Petrel Shale, a customised user interface and toolset engineered for exploiting shale resources. Scalable and straightforward to deploy, Petrel Shale is designed to optimize operations to increase capital efficiency.

“Integration of shale workflows is critical to improve the success of the asset. Petrel Shale has been specifically designed to address the integration challenge from exploration to production,” said Uwem Ukpong, president, Schlumberger Information Solutions. “By providing efficient geological and geophysical map-based evaluations, our customers can expedite decision-making, streamline their operations and maximize return.”

The Petrel Shale workflow is presented in a user-friendly way to increase productivity in evaluating and developing shale assets. For the first time, geoscientists can seamlessly integrate geological, geophysical, and production data to define sweet spots, automatically plan well locations and analyze production trends.

Customers are now able to gain a greater understanding of how production relates to geology by linking the data and disciplines. Acreage is assessed by incorporating published data and comprehensive well database analysis. Petroleum systems evaluation and risk tools deliver play analysis and chance of success mapping.

Petrel Shale is easily extended from map- to model-based interpretations. It leverages the Petrel* E&P software platform to offer reliability, technology and innovation, in a fit-for-shale solution. Users also benefit from more effective collaboration with the Studio E&P knowledge environment, which provides easy access to data and results across assets.


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