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TGS launches multi-WAZ 3D shoot in the US Gulf of Mexico

09th October 2014

TGS has announced the expansion of its Constitution group of WAZ 3D projects with the commencement of the Declaration survey in the US Gulf of Mexico

Constitution group of WAZ 3D projects
Acquisition will commence in October 2014 utilising five vessels from the CGG fleet

"Commencement of this survey marks a milestone in new, long offset data acquisition for TGS and represents the first data acquired orthogonal to and covering the Cretaceous shelf region,” said Rod Starr, SVP western hemisphere for TGS.

“The M-WAZ data will provide significant insight into potential eastern sediment sources for reservoir grade sands and will aid the industry in preparation for significant upcoming Central Gulf of Mexico lease turnover."

Declaration will cover 6,061 square kilometres (260 OCS blocks) in the Mississippi Canyon and Viosca Knoll protraction areas of the Central Gulf of Mexico and will be acquired orthogonal to TGS' underlying Justice WAZ 3D survey.

With offsets to 16 kilometres, this data will be acquired by CGG with a single pass vessel configuration derived from its StagSeisTM technology to better image deep structural elements and to improve subsalt and salt flank illumination, which will establish new data standards in the region.

Data will be processed as a stand-alone volume and will also be integrated with TGS' existing Justice data to provide orthogonal wide-azimuth (M-WAZ) coverage over the area. In keeping with TGS' mandate to provide technical leadership through its data offerings, the data will be processed using the latest TGS imaging technology including Clari-FiTM and Orthorhombic migrations.

Acquisition will commence in October 2014 utilising five vessels from the CGG fleet.  Preliminary data will be available to the industry at the beginning of 2015 ahead of OCS Lease Sale 235.

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