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Vallianz secures USD 82m contract for OSV management services in Latin America

15th May 2014

Vallianz Holdings (Vallianz) has received a letter of award for the provision of charter and ship management services worth USD 82m to a major offshore construction company

Vallianz secures USD 82m for offshore construction ship management services in Latin America
Vallianz submersible vessels, pipe carriers, platform supply vessels (“PSV”), anchor handling tug supply vessels and cargo barges will be deployed in Latin America

The letter of award excludes any variation or additional works to be negotiated later.

For this award, vessels including submersible vessels, pipe carriers, platform supply vessels, anchor handling tug supply vessels and cargo barges will be deployed in Latin America from 3QFY2014 to FY2015. Vallianz will also provide a full suite of offshore marine support services, including mobilisation, demobilisation, marine logistics support and operational services.

Darren Yeo, executive director and chief executive officer of Vallianz, Commented: “We are pleased to be awarded our first charter and ship management LOA for 2014, which augments our current order book to another new record of USD 524m. This Latin America award is a strong and promising start for the year for Vallianz and we are looking forward to riding on the exciting opportunities that this region brings.

 “Global offshore oilfield related investments are forecast to grow strongest in Latin America over the next few years, with exploration and production spending forecast to increase to USD 84bn in 2014, representing a 12.8 per cent growth over 2013. Demand for offshore supply vessels in South America is one of the fastest growing globally, with a forecast compounded annual growth rate of 10.3 per cent from 2013 to 2018.

“We are pleased that our bidding efforts across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Latin America, totalling approximately USD 1.2bn, are starting to reap significant rewards. This project will provide Vallianz with the platform to showcase our marine solutions capabilities and to build on our reputation in the Latin American region. Not only will this platform bode well for future tenders, more importantly, it will help open doors for collaborations with prospective customers for their offshore requirements in this region.”

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