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WellDog partners with fibre optic sensing technology leader

16th September 2015

Collaboration focused on expanding WellDog’s reservoir monitoring and characterisation solutions for oil and gas operators

New partnership for WellDog
New partnership for WellDog

WellDog has partnered with fibre optic distributed sensing company, Silixa, to develop and commercialise new technical solutions for oil and gas operators. 

The long term partnership is focused on delivering distributed temperature and distributed acoustic sensing products and services using WellDog’s industry-leading high volume, cost effective, customer-focused business model.  In addition, the companies are working to combine Silixa’s technology platform with WellDog’s award winning Raman chemical sensing technology platform to increase operator visibility to the complex geochemical and geophysical downhole environment.

Mahmoud Farhadiroushan, Silixa’s CEO said “This collaboration with WellDog will accelerate and further extend the use of Silixa’s distributed fibre optic sensors. Together with WellDog’s existing downhole sensors, we will be able to offer a wider range of cost-effective and reliable monitoring services to clients.”

Silixa’s distributed fiber optic well monitoring systems provide highly accurate temperature and acoustic data along the entire wellbore. They are used for production monitoring, microseismic imaging, and similar applications.

“Silixa’s advanced fiber optic sensing technology bridges our two primary technology platforms, optical-based chemical sensing and electronic-based temperature and pressure sensing” said John Pope, Ph.D., president and CEO of WellDog.  “The combination of these technologies, together with WellDog’s unconventional business focus, will offer oil and gas operators an unprecedented comprehensive view into the subsurface and bring additional economic and sustainability benefits to the industry.”

The companies are working to commercialize a series of new products and services over the next few quarters.  This partnership heralds the third new product or service launched by WellDog in 2015.  As the industry backs away from large capital expenditures, WellDog has found success in providing cost-effective, reliable solutions to help productivity and lower operating costs.


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