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Wison Offshore to work with VGS Group on Indian floating barge

22nd January 2014

China's Wison Offshore has signed an agreement with marine infrastructure developer, Vessel Gasification Solutions (VGS), to build the first barge-based floating LNG regasification unit (FRU)

Barge-based floating LNG regasification unit (FRU)

Wison Offshore & Marine Ltd., an upstream oil and gas subsidiary of China-based Wison Group, has established an agreement with Vessel Gasification Solutions (VGS) of New Jersey, for the supply of the industry’s first barge-based floating LNG regasification unit (FRU), which will be installed offshore India.

The FRU, which will be owned by VGS, will be made up of a “newbuild, non-propelled barge” capable of performing the regasification that disperses a maximum of 1,000MMStandard Cubic Feet/Day (scf/d) of gas.

The facility will be secured on a jetty structure located approximately 8km in an area off India’s eastern coast known as Andhra Pradesh. 

Furthermore, the FRU will be customized to permit any future expansion of the regasification capability by an additional 750MMscf/d of gas in the next few years so that it meets the rapidly growing natural gas requirements in the region.

The agreement reveals that Wison Offshore & Marine affiliates will be in charge of the turnkey engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning (EPCIC) of the unit.  They will also head the project from its Shanghai operational centre, while construction is performed at Wison’s wholly-owned fabrication facility that is located in Nantong, China.

Gaurav Tiwari, president of VGS, “With the execution of this agreement, Wison has allowed VGS to significantly increase the first-mover advantage we have established on India’s East Coast.” 

Tiwari added:  “Taken with the appointment of Exmar to operate and manage the Kakinada LNG Import Terminal, along with the finalization of the Project’s insurance structuring, stitching up these three critical milestones keeps with the fast-track timetable with which we are driving the project forward. Now, with Wison and Exmar partnered for the Project’s implementation we can continue to move forward briskly, but also with great certitude.”

L. Dwayne Breaux, president of Wison Offshore & Marine Ltd., commented that Wison is “very excited to be moving forward with VGS on this project and provide another innovative LNG facility to the market.”

Breaux also revealed that the “FRU will be the integral part of VGS’s plan to meet a significant energy need in the Indian market. The fact that VGS has entrusted the delivery of this unit to Wison is a testament to our strong relationship with this key player in the LNG market and our growing position in the industry as a trusted supplier of LNG facilities.”





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